Parrot Green Yeola Handloom Maharani Kadiyal Paithani Saree

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Original price was: ₹18,999.Current price is: ₹15,199.

Pratishthani introduced the Yeola Handloom Maharani Kadiyal Paithani saree, made of 100% pure silk at an affordable price. This saree features an age-old ‘’Jacquard weaving technique’’, which adds an extra layer of beauty and intricacy to the designs. This technique involves using a special loom to create intricate patterns on the fabric, resulting in a stunning and unique finished product.

Shop online for your favourite Yeola handwoven Pure Silk Maharani Kadiyal Paithani at the best online shopping paithani saree store. Elevate your style with this handcrafted masterpiece today.


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Parrot Green Yeola Handloom Maharani Paithani Saree

Original price was: ₹18,999.Current price is: ₹15,199.

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For stains or odors, opt for dry cleaning; otherwise, gently clean with a cotton cloth. Avoid plastic; store in cotton or use hangers to maintain saree freshness and longevity. Change saree folds every 2-3 months to evenly distribute any potential wear. Refrain from using perfumes directly on sarees to preserve their pristine condition. Follow these care instructions for a long-lasting and well-preserved saree.

Product Overview:

Pratishthani presents Yeola Handloom Maharani Kadiyal Paithani Saree known for its intricate designs, craftsmanship & vibrant colours. Shop Online Today for your favourite Parrot Green Colour Paithani Saree at the best price & experience the authenticity of the handwoven Yeola Paithani Sarees. 

Key Features of Pure Silk Maharani Kadiyal Paithani: 

Pure Silk Fabric: Our kadiyal paithani is made of 100% pure silk & is known for its intricate designs & vibrant colours.

Intricate Handwoven Designs: This paithani features a contrasting border and lined pallu.

Quality Craftsmanship: Our skilled weavers use the ‘’Jacquard weaving technique’’ To create stunning and unique designs.

making each handloom pure silk maharani kadiyal paithani a masterpiece. You can get the highest-quality & best craftsmanship for Maharani paithani online purchase at an affordable price. 

Vibrant Color: The vibrant parrot green colour paithani saree adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it suitable for a variety of occasions.

Cultural Significance: Our Pure silk maharani paithani saree often features traditional motifs inspired by nature, such as peacocks, flowers, and birds. 

These motifs hold cultural and symbolic significance in Indian tradition.

Care & Maintenance: To maintain the shine & beauty of this handwoven masterpiece, we recommend dry cleaning or gentle hand washing.

Occasion: So, whether it’s a wedding, festive occasion, or a bride make a statement with this gorgeous parrot green paithani saree. 

Order Online: Order now at Pratishthani Yeola Maharani Kadiyal Paithani online shopping store at the best price & turn heads wherever you go. Please read our Shipping and Delivery Policy for hassle-free shopping. Explore more paithani sarees online shopping. Visit our FAQ section for more information.




Maharani Paithani

2 reviews for Parrot Green Yeola Handloom Maharani Kadiyal Paithani Saree

  1. Sonali

    Best product looks the most beautiful yeola paithani saree for function

  2. Neha

    Good quality and beautiful yeola saree. just go for It.

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